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VIVEX Engineering is a R & D Engineering company focused on Environment, Pollution and Energy fields.

Vivex Engineering is innovative company in industrial - municipal - service air/gas treatment for processing, waste solutions management and pyrolysis plant supply technology

Website show our Service and Product and last innovative Project : MCAC unit for purifying urban city pollution and removal co, nox, vocs, pm, dust and other gas extremely dangerous for human and environment.
COLD PLASMA machine for removal of metals, ammonia, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides, bacteria, viruses, mould.
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Water treatment

solution for water, wastewater from industries...

Waste treatment

Treatment and valorization of all municipal solid Waste

Cold Plasma Applications

Cold Plasma Technology applications

Environment Consulting

Research & Development for environment solutions

Air Treatment

Solutions and technologies developed by VIVEX ENGINEERING for Air Purification and Treatment for Indoor and Outdoor environment

Pyrolysis Application

Pyrolysis process plant to convert all polymers wastes (plastic; rubber; textile; electronic; medicals and also oil wastes...) in fuels (Crude oil; Diesel), Carbon black and gas.

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Environmental consulting

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Modern technology owes ecology an apology.

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Plasma Air

Machine for air depollution...

<p>IPA Indoor Plasma Air</p>

Indoor Plasma Air Desi...


The Wozhea plasma water & p...

<p>The Mines of the Future</p>

A complete plant to treat m...

Industrial Wozhea

The industrial Wozhea is a ...

Wet Scrubber

Application for treat the A...

CIPA Combined Indoor Plasma Air

It is a complete solution f...

UF Ultra Filtration

uf system

PPS Pocket Plasma Sanitizer

A SMART tool rich on Cold P...


Mothec is our solution for ...

MCAC Modular City Air Cleaner

Cold Plasma based unit for ...

MPP Mobile Pyrolysis Plant

Pyrolysis unit plant conver...
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